Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please reads the following term and condition with very carefully as you’re used of services is the subjects to your acceptances of and compliances with the followings term and condition. 

(Theteleamrt)By subscribes to used any of our service you agree and that you have reads, understand and are bounds by the Term, regardless to how you subscribes to or used the service. (Thetelemart) If you do not wants to be bounds by the Term, you must be not subscribes to or used our service. These Term and various others policy are bindings as per the provision of the Information’s Technologies intermediaries’ guideline Rules, (2011) formula under the Informations Technologies Act of (2000).

Thetelemart, in these Term, references to you "Used" shall means the ends used accessings the Websites, it is content and used the Services offer through the Websites, Services Provides means independents third parties services provider, and we us and our shall means Thetelemart (Pvt. Ltd). and it is affiliates.

1)  Thetlemart is ani base contents and E-commerce portals operateds by Thetelemart (Pvt. Ltd). The company incorporates under the law of Pakistan.

2) Used of the Websites is the offer to you conditions on the acceptances without modifications of all term, condition and notice containers in this term, as may be the post on the Websites from (time to time). At it is soled discretions reserve the rights not to accept the User from register on the Websites without assigning any reasons thereof.

3) Thetelemart Products can be purchase through the Website through several of methods of payments offered. The sale/purchase of Products shall be additionally governess by specifics policies of sales, like cancellation policy, return policy, etc. In addition, these term and policies may be further supplement by Products specific conditions, which may be displayed on the webpage of that Product.

4) Thetelemart User here by the consent, express and agree that he has been reads and full understand the privacy policy of user furthers consent that the term and content of the such Privacy Policy are acceptable to him.

5) Thetelemart User agree and the undertake not to the reversed engineers, modify copies, distributes, transmits, displayed, performs, reproduces, publishes, licenses, the create derivatives work from, transfers, and sell any information’s and software’s obtains from the Websites.

6) (Thetelemart)Unless other wised indicate and anything’s contains to the contrary and any proprietary’s materials owned by the 3rd party and so the express mentions, owns all Intellectuals Properties Right to and into the Websites, includes, without limitations, any and all right, title and interests in and to the copyright, relates right, patent, utility model, trademark, trader name, services mark, design, know how, trader secret and the invention whether patentable or not, good will, sources cods, meta tag, database, texts, contents, graphic, icon, and the hyperlink.

7) You agree the indemnify, defense and holds harmless from and the against any and all losse, liability, claim, damage, cost and expense including legal’s fees and disbursement in connections there with and the interests chargeable thereon asserters against and incurve by www.thetelemart.com, that arise out of the result from, and may be the payables by virtues of, any breaches and non performance of the any representations warranty covenants and agreements made or obligations to be performers by the you pursuants to these Term.